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Hello there,

My name is Juli, and I am an avid viewer of animated programs.


But that’s pretty obvious considering it’s the subject of this website. So what else do I have to offer?

Well, I’m a 22-year-old Canadian who has studied Media and Culture, Marketing, and  Digital Publishing. And if you care enough to pay attention, you’d see that this blog evokes a perspective made up of each education field that I’ve dabbled in.

The boring stuff aside . . .


I love superheroes (sorry Marvel, I’m a DC gal now), coffee, story writing (AKA fanfiction), doodling very amateurishly, and watching cartoons!

Wow, everything seems to circle back, huh? Well animation makes up a huge part of my life; however, I don’t only enjoy viewing animated films and television series, my dream is to work in the world of animation production so that I can personally impact the form of storytelling that I love so much.


But in the meantime, I guess this blog will do.


Favorite television series: Young JusticeAvatar: The Last Airbender, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, Kim Possible, &  X-Men: Evolution (not necessarily in this order).

Favorite movies: ZootopiaTangledJustice League: WarThe Lego MovieThe Incredibles

Currently following: Star Vs. The Forces of EvilYoung Justice, Miraculous LadybugRick & MortyMysticonsMilo Murphy’s Law, & Bojack Horseman

Current to-watch list: Steven Universe & Marvel’s Spiderman

Future to-watch list: Pixie GirlCraig of the CreekDC Superhero Girls (as developed by Lauren Faust), & Final Space