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Animation is everything.


Okay, not entirely, but it definitely means a lot to me and a ton of other people. But what is it exactly about animation that makes it so appealing?


Well, the animation production process literally consists of creating something out of nothing. Creators are only bounded by their imagination, rather than laws of physics or any form of common sense frequently involved in live-action works. The amount of coordination and creativity that this takes is unprecedented.

Characters and settings can be dreamt up in any way possible. Just look at the designs of Phineas and Ferb’s  protagonists or Star vs. the Forces of Evil’s various dimensions.


Rules don’t exist.


A character can literally fall off of  cliff that’s at least 50 meters high, stand right back up, and it walk off. In the world of animation, elements of realism are meant to be flipped.

Well, actually they don’t really exist in the first place, which is where the appeal of cartoons lives. And one of the best features of animation that’s born into its lack of boundaries, is how it teleports its viewers to a whole new world—one that is essentially far from anything that we can see or imagine in reality.


Animation is an escape. Whether it’s from a mentally-exhausting day at school or an emotionally-draining personal conflict, it helps clear the minds of it’s viewers and takes them somewhere far from reality. This is why it is so appealing.


Animation is everything. It’s unbounded, imaginative, and an escape into an expansive new world; and all of these elements define my, and many others’, animated obsession.



Universiy Student
Animation Fanatic


A/N – Animation means a lot to me, and since it’s impossible to experience life in these realms that only exist on a screen, creating these worlds and characters is the next best thing. Right now this is my plan; to impact the form of storytelling that I love so much. And with one final semester of university before graduation, my anxiety and excitement towards entering the industry are as high as ever.



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