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Animation Discourse is a space where we can talk about anything cartoon related. We are all different—we come from different places, have different experiences, and thus carry different opinions and perspectives. This platform is a space where we respect each other’s differences; so whether you’re a brony, Tomstar shipper, or hardcore Teen Titans GO! fan, we don’t judge.

And just so that everything is clear, here are our community guidelines:

We are here to talk about cartoons.

Keep things animation related. We are here to talk about cartoons—not the latest Trump meme. Also, discussing live-action entertainment is absolutely forbidden.

Okay, so maybe live-action talk is fine (but animation is better).

This isn’t a glorified bulletin board.

Are you offering tutoring services? Part-time babysitting? A random product that will change everyone’s lives? Well, if you want to post classified ads or general spam, please just take it to Craigslist.

Check the douchebaggery at the door.

I’m a feminist. Many of these blog posts discuss subjects from a pro-feminism and anti-consumerism standpoint. Unfortunately in the world of the Internet, progressive talk and jerk-incubator are interchangeable.

Harassment is not okay, especially in response to readers’ comments.

Violators will be prosecuted. You have been warned.

Don’t copy (it’s more fun to be original anyways!).

If you refer to any of the posts on this site, link back to it. If you don’t, it’s called plagiarism. You could be reported, expelled from cyberspace, and deemed an unworthy cheater. No Internet institution will want you. No company will hire you. Say goodbye to your friends, family, and significant other(s?).

Okay, maybe this is a bit dramatic, but either way, citing this blog would make me one happy cartoon fanatic!