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Just a blog created by a cartoon fanatic who believes that Western animated television deserves a lot more credit than it’s currently receiving.

So I’ve made it my mission to combat this injustice, by doing something rare:

Discussing animation in a very serious and critical manner.


Okay, well not entirely serious, but serious enough to hold a (somewhat) intelligent conversation about the subject. The point is, Western animation can be smart, funny, self-reflective, and most significantly, progressive. So why not talk about it in a way that falls into this spectrum?

Besides, even if many cartoons are targeted at young people, shouldn’t this motivate us to pay more attention to the media content that plays a huge role in shaping young minds?


Long story short, animated works aren’t simply created to act as casual, wholesome pastimes for kids. There’s a lot more to them than this. And I’ve made it my job to open your eyes to this (self-proclaimed) fact.



Recent University Graduate
& Cartoon Fanatic